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Projects planned and performed in the framework of the program

Several projects targeted at the conservation of P. persicus are covered with this program. Currently the program is on the development stage, and list of the projects should be updated as far, as it will be necessary.

Performed projects:

1.Conservation of the Endangered Persian Sun-Watcher Lizard: Step 1.

The project is realized in 2005-2006 under financial support of Armenian National Science and education Fund (ANSEF). Within the project's framework the spatial distribution, habitat requirements, and mean abundance of P. persicus were clarified within the Goravan Sands Sanctuary and geographical information system (GIS) for this site was developed.

Non peer-reviewed project report:

Tadevosyan T.L. 2005.Conservation of The Endangered Persian Sun-Watcher Lizard: Step 1. Report of the ANSEF Project 05-NS-zoo-814-50, 46 pp. Links:

Peer-reviewed publications:

Tadevosyan T.L. 2006. Habitat Suitability for Reptiles in the Goravan Sands Sanctuary, Armenia / Herpetological Conservation and Biology, 1 (1):40-45. available at

Tadevosyan T.L. 2006. New Data on Abundance and Distribution of the Persian Toad-Headed Lizard in the Goravan Sands Sanctuary, Armenia / Electronic Journal of Natural Sciences. National Academy of Sciences of The Republic of Armenia. 2 (7):45-50. available at

Tadevosyan, T.L. 2007. The role of vegetation in microhabitat selection of Phrynocephalus persicus, Eremias strauchi and Eremias pleskei from Armenia. Amphibia-Reptilia 28 (3): 444-448. available at


Current projects:

2. Determining Conservation Status and Predictive Modelling of Distribution Range of the Persian Toad-Headed Lizard in Armenia.

The project is in development stage, and currently supported only by personal initiative of Tigran Tadevosyan. The main goals of this project are as follows:
1) To determine current conservation status of P. persicus in Armenia, and to develop grounds for further cost effective monitoring of conservation status.
2) To analyze details of distribution and habitat requirements of P. persicus throughout the distribution range in Armenia, with the following predictive habitat modeling and development of GIS based maps.

Results of the project will be presented to the Government of Armenia and to relevant regional and local municipalities.

The project costs 5000 USD and was scored as 6 of 6 by referees of ANSEF, in 2006. We looking for additional funds!!! If you can help, please contact for more details.

Projects planned:

3.Determining sub-populations of priority importance for conservation of genetic diversity of Phrynocephalus persicus through multivariate comparative study of sub-populations at morphological, biochemical and molecular levels. This project will be include 2-3 subprojects, and currently on the stage of proposal development.

4.Developing of a cost-effective system for monitoring the relative abundance of Phrynocephalus persicus with voluntary participation of local children. This project will be include 2 subprojects, and currently on the stage of proposal development.

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